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FAIN THE SORCERER. by Steve Aylett. After strangling a mime in the King's court, Fain encounters a crazy old man who offers to grant him three wishes.
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Thezorus was the only one of the party to survive. From the ruins he took the most wickedly powerful sword on the Earth. The sword is a cold, iron black, and is cold wrought iron. It is of normal size for a bastard sword. The hilt is crafted of the black bones of a dead god.

Fain's Eternance

A dull red gem of some sort lies embedded on one side of the hilt, and the pommel possesses an opaque, marmaceous crystal which glows in moonlight. The faces of dragons rim the top of the wrist guard, and of their tails the hilt is crafted. The sword ignores all armor, magical bonuses excepted. Also, all magical blades and armor must roll saving throws versus crushing blow each time they come into violent contact with this sword or they are destroyed. Normal items are always destroyed upon contact with it if the blows are violent.

Prismatic walls require a set of strikes from the sword for each layer to the spell.

The sword can rebound spells such as magic missile upon successful parries versus the THAC0 of the spell caster, calculated as if the magic user were a warrior. The sword inflicts regular damage upon skeletal undead and undead that suffer half damage from physical attacks. Well, I've heard stories from someone who played in MAR Barker's Tekumel games about him breaking out various drugs for sessions, so maybe try the Tekumel novels?

The setting is not Lord of the Rings, but it has about as much depth and history, and a conlang or two.

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I'm not sure it would quite get you there but Guy Gavriel Kay's Fionivar Tapestry might be along those lines. In in the middle of the series now and enjoying it. If you're open to a film, since someone else suggested Lynch's Dune, maybe Krull? It's nothing like Lynch's Dune, but it's And like Star Wars. It's magical. Thank you everyone for all the suggestions feel free to continue dropping series I'm paying attention.

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This pretty much describes The Dark Tower series. A lot of the central plot elements aren't just displaced in time or space but also abstract representations of meaning. It's quite surreal. Many people praise it's deep, complex symbolism and multilayered meanings but basically it's one long acid trip.

One memorable scene is a theatre play in the book visited by the protagonist and it's certainly full of hidden meanings but it's also basically people on acid talking in prog rock lyrics. Overall, the characters act in a vaguely rational manner but if you look closer, the exact reasons behind their actions become fuzzy.

If you are into audio books, Jonathan Davis is an excellent narrator and it comes highly recommended. Scott Bakker's Second Apocalypse is Tolkien on a bad acid trip. It looks like you're asking for recommendations. Please visit our recommendation wiki for tips that will help us to help you better! I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically.

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Sorcerer "The Dark Tower of the Sorcerer" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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