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Abstract: In this paper, hypocoercivity methods are applied to linear kinetic equations with mass conservation and without confinement, in order to prove that the.
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Thanks to appropriate uniform estimates, we establish that the proposed scheme is Asymptotic-Preserving in the diffusive limit. Moreover, we adapt to the discrete framework the hypocoercivity method proposed by [J. Dolbeault, C. Mouhot and C.

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Schmeiser, Trans. We obtain decay estimates that are uniform in the diffusive limit. Finally, we present an efficient implementation of the proposed numerical schemes, and perform numerous numerical simulations assessing their accuracy and efficiency in capturing the correct asymptotic behaviors of the models.

Keywords : hypocoercivity finite volume methods Kinetic equations diffusion limit asymptotic-preserving schemes. Document type : Preprints, Working Papers, Articles First Online: 25 March This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

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Beck M, Wayne C E. Metastability and rapid convergence to quasi-stationary bar states for the two-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations. Bedrossian J, Coti Zelati M. Enhanced dissipation, hypoellipticity, and anomalous small noise inviscid limits in shear flows.

Discrete Diffusion Limit and Hypocoercivity

Bouchet F, Simonnet E. Random changes of ow topology in two dimensional and geophysical turbulence. Diffusion and mixing in fluid fl ow.

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On the relation between enhanced dissipation time-scales and mixing rates. Couder Y. Deng W. Pseudospectrum for Oseen vortices operators.

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Special asymptotics for large skew-symmetric perturbations of the harmonic oscillator. Linear inviscid damping and enhanced viscous dissipation of shear fl ows by using the conjugate operator method.

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On pseudospectral bound for non-self-adjoint operators and its application to stability of Kolmogorov fl ows. Quenching of combustion by shear fl ows. Pseudospectral bound and transition threshold for the 3D Kolmogorov flow. Pseudospectral and spectral bounds for the Oseen vortices operator.