Manual Sermon + Bible Study Notes: Lifes Ultimate Question: What to Wear? (Tour de Colossians Book 3)

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Sermon + Bible Study Notes: Life's Ultimate Question: What to Wear? (Tour de Colossians Book 3) eBook: Brian W. Evans: Kindle Store.
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In Exodus we meet the true and living God who makes and keeps promises, judges, saves and triumphs, who provides for his people and teaches them in his holy ways. These studies help you to understand what true wisdom is and how true wisdom is ultimately found in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. The intriguing book of Ecclesiastes delves into some of the big questions of life and meaning. Like Daniel and his friends, captive in Babylon, Christians live as strangers and exiles in this world. What is love? The Bible has much to say in answer to this deceptively tricky question, but perhaps few biblical perspectives on love are more startling or more confronting than the picture offered by the prophet Hosea.

Jesus is revealed as a man of authority and compassion—yet not just a man, for he speaks and acts with the power of God. Follow Jesus from fear to freedom. Who is Jesus?

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And what kind of kingdom does he promise his followers? These are the big questions at stake in Matthew Join Jesus on the road to Jerusalem and learn what following him really means. It means saying 'no' to ourselves and 'yes' to Jesus as Lord and King. In his letter to the Romans, Paul shows us that there is only one way back to peace, and that is through trusting in the work of Jesus. This study explores the different 'church matters' the apostle Paul raises with his gifted, feisty, divided friends at Corinth.

These studies, written by well-known British preacher and author, David Jackman, take you through the riches of Paul's letter to the Ephesians. What is the shape and direction of the normal Christian life? What does it look like? Is there something I'm missing? These are the questions to which Colossians provides deep and satisfying answers.

Standing firm means sticking with Jesus and the message of hope and salvation that comes through the cross. Like the Thessalonians, be challenged to stand firm in the gospel while being thoroughly changed by it. Understand how and why the Old Testament is the indispensable key to properly understanding the life and ministry of the most extraordinary person who ever lived. Grow in your understanding of the Bible's big picture, and in your appreciation for the Lord Jesus and all he accomplished.

For years, Christians have persistently claimed that Jesus of Nazareth was crucified on a Roman cross and laid in a carefully guarded tomb, dead—only for hundreds of eyewitnesses to see him physically alive again. We often describe Interactive Bible Studies as like taking a guided tour through an old city. You get to see the highlights, learn some background information, and you are given directions on what to explore next in your own time.

Overview: Ephesians

They're studies designed to stimulate interaction with the Bible, with each other, with your current thoughts and attitudes, and with God as you talk to him about it all. Written by renowned and gifted Bible teachers, Interactive Bible Studies are halfway between a sermon and a set of study questions. While they provide excellent biblical input and direction, they also leave you to do much of the exploration. The first eleven chapters of the Bible are full of cataclysmic events—the creation of the world, the fall of mankind, the flood.

But what is their significance for 21st-century Christians? The timeless story of Genesis shows that the God who made the heavens and the earth also planned and revealed salvation—a salvation that would eventually reach to the very ends of the earth. Andrew Reid guides us through the extraordinary story of God's rescue of Israel, and shows us how this drama points to the work of Christ.

Mark 6:30-44

Exodus is one of the most significant sections of the entire Bible. It not only lays the foundation of God's relationship with his chosen people Israel, but also foreshadows the glorious relationship of God with all humanity through Jesus Christ. The book of Judges is certainly a dark and gruesome part of the Bible, in which Israel lurches from sin to judgement to salvation and back again with grim regularity. Yet it contains strong warnings and encouragements for us as Christian's today.

The future looks bleak for Naomi and her widowed Moabite daughter-in-law, Ruth, as they journey back to Israel in search of food and a new family. How redemption is achieved, by whom and for whom, forms the plot of one of the Bible's most wonderful stories.

It has been called a builder's manual, a handbook on management and a how-to guide for getting your employees to do their jobs. But is leadership and building really what the book of Nehemiah is all about? Bryson Smith takes us to the heart of Job, and to the valuable lessons it teaches us about life and suffering and the true wisdom of God.

Proverbs is a favourite book of the Old Testament for many Christians. It's so full of practical advice on how to live wisely and well in God's world. But is Proverbs more than just a large collection of pithy sayings? Joshua Ng guides us through some of the common themes of chapters , including work, wealth, marriage, children, friendship and the power of words. It's the greatest research project of all time.

The wisest man in the ancient world, with almost limitless resources at his disposal, sets out to find the answer to the biggest conundrum of all time: the meaning of life. What does God have to say in this passionate poem, how does it relate to Jesus, and what does it mean for us?

Too often, we choose to ignore books like Isaiah, putting them in the 'too hard for Bible study' basket. And yet it's a book we should read. Careful explanations of difficult passages and well-crafted, challenging questions make studying this crucial Old Testament book a whole lot less daunting. The book of Daniel contains some of the Bible's most vivid and unusual stories.

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It's an exciting read, but a disturbing one too. What are we to make of Daniel's dreams and visions? And what does Daniel have to say to us in our age? Is Jonah a Christ-like figure, spending three days in the belly of the whale before being sent to save a lost city? Or is he a disobedient sulker whom God teaches a lesson about love and mercy? The books of Obadiah and Malachi are among the briefest in the Bible, but their contents are pure dynamite.

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Both prophets provide us with portraits of a God who can be passionate, weary with displeasure, possessive and angry. And yet this same God keeps his promises, does not change, and throws open the windows of heaven to those who turn to him. Zechariah, with its opulent and sometimes terrifying imagery of the coming 'day of the Lord', is a hard and challenging prophecy to read. Yet it will repay study richly, when seen in its context not only in the Old Testament, but as a promise of the Lord Jesus. If you've always wondered what the Old Testament is really about If you feel like the Old Testament is a confusing mix of hard-to-understand laws and boring history If you've ever been confused about how the Old Testament relates to Jesus The Beatitudes are among the best-known verses in the Bible, but have you ever taken the time to find out what they really mean?

Unlock the meaning of some of the most famous words of Jesus. The long-awaited king of Israel, the Messiah, has finally arrived. However, this Messiah speaks repeatedly of his impending death and humiliation. Could this refer to the growing opposition of the religious authorities? And if he is indeed rejected and killed, where will this leave the kingdom of God he is claiming to bring? Jesus is risen from the dead! This claim is at the heart of what Christians believe, and those who believe it would also stake their lives on the fact that it is true.

But what reason and confidence do we have for telling others about it? Acts of the Apostles? A better way to describe Luke's second volume would be "the acts of the risen Christ". He wants his gospel to go out to the ends of the earth, and neither persecution nor opposition is going to stop him.

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Understand how Romans can change everything for you. Learn how God shows us his justice and his mercy in putting us right with him through the death of Christ, and how we can have full assurance that we have been changed forever. Delve into the personally challenging teaching about obedience and righteousness in chapter 6; the demanding discussion about whether God has kept his promises to Israel in chapters ; and the majestic teaching of chapter 8 regarding the Spirit, the Christian life and the hope of glory.

In these last five chapters of Romans, Paul spells out the practical implications of God's amazing free gift of life and sonship in the gospel. He deals with our relationships with each other, our interaction with the non-Christian world around us, our attitude towards civil authorities, and more besides.

Interactive Bible Studies

In his letter to the Galatians, Paul sorts out just what is a true Christian. Today, with an abundance of religious groups all calling themselves 'Christian' and all with different ideas about what that means, the message of Galatians is one we desperately need to hear. In Paul's majestic letter to the Ephesians, the whole of our Christian journey is on view, from the secret and wonderful purposes of God before all creation to the final consummation when everything is summed up in Christ, and all points in between.

It's a favourite Christian letter, with its commands for us to rejoice in the Lord, to live in peace, to seek unity and to imitate the humility of our Saviour. In short, Philippians teaches us partnership for life. What is the normal Christian life? What should Christians expect to experience? Is it simply a case of 'trust and obey' or is that too simplistic? What does it mean to be fully and genuinely a Christian? Colossians has satisfying answers. There's a marvelous little verse in Isaiah 50, verse 4, and it's a description of Jesus. God put this word in the mouth of the prophet Isaiah, foretelling what Jesus would do:.