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  7. Help Create Join Login. Resources Blog Articles Deals. Menu Help Create Join Login. Home Browse Audacity Mailing Lists. Globalisation has brought the world closer together, and all in all, billions have been lifted from poverty.

    Saving as an Audacity project

    We live in a world that is safer, more prosperous and more tolerant than ever before. Not to say that we have not made mistakes.

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    Ideological and tribal conflicts still happen with heart-breaking frequency. The things that have brought us progress and made us closer in some ways, globalisation, technology, trade, have made it easier for the rich to get richer and exert more control. Social Media, supposed to connect us has been weaponised to keep us misinformed and outraged.

    Unfettered capitalism has decimated communities and environments. We have failed at many of the bold claims we have made. Which is why today, the world seems teetering on the edge of return to days gone past. From the ideals of democracy to politics of the strong man, the authoritarian. It can seem that we are on the regress, back to the historical cycles of competition, mistrust and conflict.

    Audacity Journal – A Day Program Designed to Help You Live Your Boldest Life.

    Progress has always been as a result of people fighting relentlessly for it. There is the prevailing sentiment, that things will work out, that ultimately the arc of progress is always forward, that technology will solve the problems, that our politics will eventually work for our benefit. But that is not the case.

    In his book, Zero to One , Peter Thiel outlines four main philosophical tendencies — definite optimism, indefinite optimism, definite pessimism and indefinite pessimism. In a postmodern society like ours where repeated disappointment has made it far easier to be cynical than to believe, easier to disengage rather than hold firm convictions and advance forward, it is rebellion to believe.

    It is activism to hold on to hope and act accordingly. We can create a better world. We have knowledge, we have technology, we have several billion people on the planet. We can do it.

    A Daily Plan to Help You Make Progress

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    President Obama Reflects on Human Progress

    It will sound like it is in super slow-motion. This gives the computer very low frequencies to process instead of high frequencies. Try different percentages to get what you're looking for. If you want to do some math, you can get the pitch back exactly, but I usually just try to get it in the ballpark. If you're slowing down a fairly high voice, or still hear some warble, slowing the track down farther should help.

    I've had various levels of success with it. I actually usually put the slow one first, but having the slow one second is sort of like taking a test and then looking at the answer key. I try to understand it fast, then listen to it slow to double check.

    The audacity of proteomics: a chance to overcome current challenges in schizophrenia research.

    I usually listen to audio using my mp3 player, flipping back and forth with the skip buttons, so the order is totally flexible. I'll listen two or three times slow, then try it fast. If I was to burn it on CD, I'd put the slow first. Yes, exactly. I work in the telecommunications industry with many very gifted electrical engineers, one who is somewhat familiar with the algorithms in this field of sound-processing that were invented by our previous parent company.

    He tells me that the math behind these algorithms is quite intense - Hilbert transforms I think. I'll ask him about the high-frequency issue and see what he thinks. He works on truly high-frequency stuff, to the tune of 1 giga hertz!

    A labor of love - our work in progress

    I'm more familiar with frequencies in the audible range, so even though he and I are on "different wavelengths" maybe we can gain a better understanding of the problem so that we can tweak the controls to our advantage. But I'll start fiddling with the controls per your advice above. And I'll definitely try doing the math knowing that if I really screw things up I can just start over again! I'd like to keep the same pitch if I can so I'll probably write out some ultra-simple algorithm aka equation that follows your suggestions above.